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'There is Only One Way to Happiness and That is to Cease Worrying About Things which are Beyond the Power of Our Will' - Epictetus 

ADDRESS: "Zen Den Studio & Coaching Space, GU51 2SH  

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Purpose – If you do not have one then create one, in definition it is the reason something (you) exist

What are the motivational aims of your life, what matters? Is it the very reason you get up in the morning?


Vocation, survival, financial gain, beyond the practicalities,

what encourages you to keep going, What is the end goal?


Its a new week beginning, there is always time to start over, stay focused on the purpose, find meaning in all that you do.

It will shape your mindset and behaviour, it will provide you with a sense of direction and gratitude, true purpose leads to satisfying work.

Lizzie Petrie, Founder - Pure Divine Yoga & Wellness 

'Things Do Not Change; We Change' - Henry David Thoreau 

'The Divine In Me, Honours The Divine In You', Pure Divine Yoga & Wellness... 

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