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'Balance Is The Key To Everything. What We Do. Think. Say. Eat. Feel,

They All Require Awareness & Through This Awareness We Can Grow'

Koi Fresco


Thank you for clicking onto my page, my name is Lizzie and my purpose in bringing you this website is to share my knowledge and passion with you regarding the principles of Yoga Movement, NLP Coaching, Reiki Healing & Ayurvedic lifestyle practices.

I offer guidance, assisting individuals to understand the needs of their own body system, suggesting subtle changes which can be implemented for the greater good of overall health. In choosing my services you will learn the tools and techniques to boost immunity and enhance energy levels, thus enabling a deeper sense of calm, contentment and inner peace. 


'Conscious Awareness, Living, Breathing & Witnessing Each Moment'

Pure Divine Yoga - Body & Mind Life Coaching - Pure Divine Wellness... 

"About Lizzie, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Mentor & Reiki Practitioner"...



I have always been inquisitive about life; movement (dance) influenced me from a young age, it gave me a sense of freedom, it allowed me to be expressive without boundaries.​

"As a certified Yoga Alliance instructor, I will guide you in the practice of mindful movement through breath connectiveness and meditation. Principally trained in all elements of dance, Bowen therapy and alexander technique, I implement all my training, knowledge and experience.  Leading through the traditions of Hatha yoga, I teach the fundamental techniques required to know how asana and breath join with ease.

Having a greater awareness of the body and mind as one helps us to connect within, achieving a deeper sense of optimum well-being. It helps to lift our mood, producing serotonin and "feel good" endorphins which over time has been proven to decrease anxiety, and boost health. Yoga teaches us many things, there is an element of strength involved, where you increase flexibility through structured poses. Everything stems from the core, a good sense of correct alignment and being centred, balanced, and focused. The synchronised movements of yoga are adaptable for everyone; it does not matter on your shape or size, it is merely about having the discipline to arrive on the mat and give your body what it needs, something which alters every day you practice."

"My purpose is to offer you a safe place where you can let go of the external thoughts and arrive in a state of equilibrium with your mind and body as one. We are all students, consistently learning and growing, there is not any expectancy in my classes or treatment sessions.

I merely want you to show up and see how you feel in the present moment, listening intuitively to where you are at energetically.

As a certified reiki practitioner, I will encourage a deeper sense of connection with the subtle (internal body). This is where we look at placing hands directly on specific areas of the physical body which relate to the seven chakras. If everything is a transfer of energy there is not a right or wrong way of introducing healing, its more about coming into a sense of relaxation with self and being open to receive.

In surrendering to what is happening, you will naturally start to feel a sense of restorative release.

I have been both teacher and student, studying, training, and travelling all over the world to gain more knowledge and experience amongst other practitioners. Not only does this give me much joy it also ensures I keep learning and showing up for myself.

They say every teacher needs a teacher and every coach needs a coach, there is much to my own personal growth story which I will gladly share when asked. However, I am here to assist you, this is your practice, and you know yourself more than anyone.

I will share the relevant tools and techniques to see you improve at your own pace."

I offer 1.1. private teaching, coaching and reiki; I am an advanced NLP Master Practitioner with a certified licence (INEMLA)

 I have all the credentials to support my clients professionally with genuine awareness and care.

Should you wish to know more about any of the services I offer please send on a message or e-mail and I will ensure to get back to you.

Anything is achievable when we validate our core values and know what it is, we do want more so than what it is that we do not.

I would love to support and guide you on your own health, movement, and well-being journey. 

Health, Love & Zen

Lizzie Petrie - Pure Divine Yoga & Wellness Founder




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